My dearest Jubi and the many extras from central casting the documentary is a big hit in mexico. the premiers in león and irapuato had a good box office and the audiences watched in almost total silence. and they were awake! or soon to be awakened. thank you for your generous and unforgettable gifts; your beautiful honest feelings, heartfelt memories, your unleashed tears, smiles and laughter. they radiate inestimable worthand power, and deeply touch hearts and minds, universally. the reviews were great! and the popcorn delicious! some of you guys have expressed interest in coming to mexico. well guys, "thans for coming". the film has been shown in many cities in mexico and will no doubt continue to be seen in many others. it is shown sometimes as an integral part of Advents and other times as a singular event. maybe it's my imagination, but many of you seem taller in person. i told one audience that i only had one problem with the film. and before i could tell them what it was, they said, almost as a group, and in unison, "your problem is, you weren't in it." and everyone laughed, except me. and we mustn't forget the wardrobe department; set, costume and hair design; make-up artists, camera and editing. yea! and also with irrepressible, inexpressible love, and with the most extreme gratitude, the Author of the Original Opus! thank you Jesus...

Judy B.

This movie is so incredibly awesome! Thank you for an amazing openness about how ACIM has affected your life. Who ARE you guys???????????


This movie is the best documentary I have ever seen...because it brought me into a direct experience of the Truth of Who I Am, Awake in God. It is so ultra-personal and beautifully expressed...it literally demonstrates the unspeakable awe of the Spiritual Awakening of the human mind, my mind...and offers the means to experience it for yourself, here and now! I am SO GRATEFUL for this immeasurable gift!

illuminate mind

This film is a Gift of the very highest order...a gift which can truly only be experienced. It is impossible to describe the impact which it has on me...but I highly recommend watching it for yourself! The closest I can come to words is...pure Grace. As Jesus states in A Course in Miracles so perfectly, "Truth can only be experienced. It cannot be described and it cannot be explained...Truth will dawn upon you of itself"


WOW! This film is an absolute must see! It is the embodiment of "Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me...I once was lost, but now I'm found...was blind but now I see!" It also offers the actual means to directly experience the Spiritual Awakening here and now...to know God completely.


Wow!!!! Amazing. Powerful. Inspiring. This film tells our story of awakening, the greatest story ever told. Everyone watching this film will have an experience of awe and healing. It does it for me. It speaks to me in my heart and mind about what I really want and need, it gives me an experience of healing and remembering. This is my experience with it: I simply want to put down my toys and fulfill my function in this Great Awakening.


I am so glad to have had the opportunity for a sneak preview of this doc. It has really stayed with me. I have been very deeply affected by it. I can't wait to get the DVD. It's a movie that I have to watch again and again. My deepest thanks to everyone who participated in this project. It is a real gift.


This is an incredible story. Everyone MUST see this!