A Course In Miracles

Mind-Training to Enlightenment

We have eagerly awaited an opportunity to reveal to the world that there is available, right here and now, a mind-training that is A Course in Miracles. It directs us to continuing moments of giving and forgiving of each other, and leads, through a very real physical, mental, and emotional transformation of ourselves, to a recognition that each of us are a Whole part of the Creative Reality of Eternal Life.

–Master Teacher

Singular communication is what enlightened teachers have always taught. Our principal catalyst for this adventure into the peace of enlightenment is A Course In Miracles. We will demonstrate through this unworldly masterpiece, with all its uncompromising assertions of love and forgiveness, a Mind Training that is leading to the very real physical, mental and emotional transformation of ourselves and all the world, and the recognition that each of us is a whole part of the eternally creating source of all reality.

In this Advent of A Great Awakening, we will share with all humanity the miracle of the infinite possibility that all minds have the power to recognize the joy and happiness that is our natural inheritance. It is a process of healing and forgiveness that, through our individual power of commitment, will bring about the recognition of the commonality of man in the sight of God.

Forgiveness is the Universal Experience

This is not a course in philosophical speculation, nor is it concerned with precise terminology. It is concerned only with At-one-ment, or the correction of perception. The means of the Atonement is forgiveness. The structure of "individual consciousness" is essentially irrelevant because it is a concept representing the "original error" or the "original sin." To study the error itself does not lead to correction, if you are indeed to succeed in overlooking the error. And it is just this process of overlooking at which the course aims.

All terms are potentially controversial, and those who seek controversy will find it. Yet those who seek clarification will find it as well. They must, however, be willing to overlook controversy, recognizing that it is a defense against truth in the form of a delaying maneuver. Theological considerations as such are necessarily controversial, since they depend on belief and can therefore be accepted or rejected. A universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary. It is this experience toward which the course is directed. Here alone consistency becomes possible because here alone uncertainty ends.

-A Course in Miracles, Clarification of Terms
The Universal Healing of “the Holy Instant”

Drawn from the deep recesses of the mind through the wisdom of a moment of inner listening to the Voice for God, is an experience A Course In Miracles calls a "Holy Instant". It lies past the doctrinal debates of established religion, beyond the conceptual controversy, at the core of every scientific discovery, at the heart of every theology. It is simply a purity of spiritual experience that is the essence of all religion.

In this experience lies the intimacy of true communication, the healing essence of love, the creativity of the mind, the converting nature of unifying thought, and the recognition of the Oneness of Creation. It is this experience of the singularity of peace for which humanity yearns. It extends beyond all religious boundaries and yet is derived from an action of stillness that enlightened teachers have always taught.

A Course In Miracles is a revolutionary curriculum designed to catalyze a paradigm shift in human consciousness through the individual discovery of the Peace of God realized through active listening to the 'Holy Instant'. The outreach program of A Course in Miracles International, "The Advent of a Great Awakening," focuses on a committed application by participants to the principles of love and forgiveness as prescribed in the first 50 spiritual mind training lessons of A Course In Miracles. The sole purpose of A Course In Miracles is to bring enlightenment through the transformation of mind.

The peace of enlightened mind is discovered through the power of commitment and the wisdom of listening in a need to see differently and through our individual urgent desire for freedom from conflict. The acceptance of our personal responsibility for what we see empowers our commitment to view our neighbor in a new light of shared forgiveness. This action of the relinquishment of the past, or observed perception, has profound healing consequences, both physical and psychological that extend far past the individual into the community and affect the world in which we live.

Application of the Mind-Training

A training is necessary because "an untrained mind can accomplish nothing". The lessons of A Course In Miracles are designed to undo the limitations through which we perceive and to acquire "true perception" which is not bound by limits of any kind.

The thought system taught in A Course In Miracles is not based on the retention of conceptual content, but on its release. It is not based on what one is thinking but on the action of how one is thinking. The Course offers a simple yet highly effective converting agency of how the mind is transformed, psychologically, physiologically, and spiritually to enlightenment through discovery of a systematic way to a different perception of everyone and everything in the world.

Here are some key prayer lessons directly from the Course which offer an immediate shift in perception that will catalyze a whole new illuminate experience of yourself and everything:

Today I will judge nothing that occurs.

I will be honest with myself today. I will not think that I already know what must remain beyond my present grasp. I will not think I understand the whole from bits of my perception, which are all that I can see. Today I recognize that this is so. And so I am relieved of judgments that I cannot make. Thus do I free myself and what I look upon, to be in peace as God created us.

Father, today I leave creation free to be itself. I honor all its parts, in which I am included. We are one because each part contains Your memory, and truth must shine in all of us as one.

-A Course in Miracles, Lesson 243
Fear is not justified in any form.

Fear is deception. It attests that you have seen yourself as you could never be, and therefore look upon a world which is impossible. Not one thing in this world is true. It does not matter what the form in which it may appear. It witnesses but to your own illusions of yourself. Let us not be deceived today. We are the Sons of God. There is no fear in us, for we are each a part of Love Itself.

How foolish are our fears! Would You allow Your Son to suffer? Give us faith today to recognize Your Son, and set him free. Let us forgive him in Your Name, that we may understand his holiness, and feel the love for him which is Your Own as well.

-A Course in Miracles, Lesson 240
Forgiveness ends all suffering and loss.

Forgiveness paints a picture of a world where suffering is over, loss becomes impossible and anger makes no sense. Attack is gone, and madness has an end. What suffering is now conceivable? What loss can be sustained? The world becomes a place of joy, abundance, charity and endless giving. It is now so like to Heaven that it quickly is transformed into the light that it reflects. And so the journey which the Son of God began has ended in the light from which he came.

Father, we would return our minds to You. We have betrayed them, held them in a vise of bitterness, and frightened them with thoughts of violence and death. Now would we rest again in You, as You created us.

-A Course in Miracles, Lesson 249
Let me perceive no differences today.

Father, You have one Son. And it is he that I would look upon today. He is Your one creation. Why should I perceive a thousand forms in what remains as one? Why should I give this one a thousand names, when only one suffices? For Your Son must bear Your Name, for You created him. Let me not see him as a stranger to his Father, nor as stranger to myself. For he is part of me and I of him, and we are part of You Who are our Source, eternally united in Your Love; eternally the holy Son of God.

We who are one would recognize this day the truth about ourselves. We would come home, and rest in unity. For there is peace, and nowhere else can peace be sought and found.

-A Course in Miracles, Lesson 262